Welcome to the National Open Centre

The domain nationalopencentre.org.uk (NOK) has become incorporated. Untill now, the information provided on this website was focused on the following topics:

The National Open Centre (NOC) is a national policy institute, a think tank to understand and articulate strategies to make effective use of Open Source Software and Open Standards (OS&S) for the benefit of all. It will focus on nationally relevant issues leading to proactive strategies to ensure that the UK effectively exploits the opportunities that arise with OS&S. The NOC will be independent, strategic and proactive and seeks the participation of interested and informed people.
Get Involved!
The NOC has established the first set of subject panels. The topics being researched/discussed are:
    •    Public procurement
    •    Open Standards
    •    Open Source/Open Standards for small to medium enterprises (SME’s)

In the future, you will find here more general information about open source solutions and open source conferences. If you are providing or developing open source solutions or if you are organizing or hosting a conference which deals about open source related aspect and you want to add information about your solutions or your conference feel free to contact us at info [at] nationalopencentre.org.uk.